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Jayakarta Montessori School

Jl. Kemang Selatan 1 Blok L-1, Jakarta Selatan 12730

  • +62-21 7194907 / 7194908
  • admin@jktmontessori.com
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Located conveniently in Kemang, Jayakarta Montessori School is devoted to the education of children 1.5 to 11 years of age, and has developmentally appropriate programs that foster creativity, self-confidence and a natural love for learningJayakarta Montessori School is a corresponding member of the American Montessori Society, NYC, New York. Guided by skilled Montessori-trained teachers in English-speaking classrooms, Jayakarta Montessori School promotes children's physical, social, emotional and mental development, thus providing an excellent foundation for life in larger schools.

Each classroom is guided by a Montessori teacher and a classroom assistant staff. The teachers receive training from an approved Montessori training center. Classroom assistants are selected on the basis of their understanding of the principles of child development and their ability to observe the child. The remainder of the staff include part-time specialist instructors, assistants and administrative staff. 

Jayakarta Montessori School is open for enrollments and enquiries all year. You may visit during preschool hours in order to observe a classroom and some activities, 8am—12pm, Monday—Friday. Free trial classes are also available by appointment. We also have a summer school through the month of June, and after school activities for children three years and older.


Toddlers to Elementary :  Montessori


Age Group

  • Toddlers (18 months - 2 years)
  • Preschool (3 - 4 years)
  • Prep-1 Program (5 - 6 years)
  • Elementary Program (6 - 11 years)

School Terms

  • Open for enrollments and enquiries all year

School Fees

  • Please contact admissions for further details

Level of Education

  • Toddler Program

Toddlers can begin their journey at Jayakarta Montessori from 18 months of age, with a 3 day/week schedule available to those under the age of 2.  By the age of 2, they will spend 5 full days at school, from Monday – Friday, 8am – 12pm. During this introduction to the school environment, the teacher will build trust with the toddlers and provide individual attention and conversation, as they familiarize themself with the classroom and materials. The group oriented activities include Circle Time with a teacher, Show & Tell, and other plays with other students such as block play, dramatic play, reading, art, puzzles and motor skill exercises, and others.

  • Preschool Program

The Preschool children, starting from age 3-4 years, will continue with the themes learned in the Toddler group, namely recognition of letter sounds and numbers, and becoming familiar with these as they gain fluency in reading readiness and counting. They will also have more opportunities to interact with each other in group activities such as singing, art, and some games and relays. The materials presented in this level aim to continue the development of the children’s tripod grip in order to hold a pencil, and other fine motor skills to aid them developing independence such as eating, dressing, and packing themselves.

  • Prep-1 Program

The Prep-1 level is a significant stage in children’s transition to the intellectual and responsible demands of the Elementary level. For the 5-6 year old children, this is the time to internalise and reinforce their knowledge gained at the preschool level. This includes increasing their sight reading vocabulary, working on writing consonant-vowel-consonant words, and gaining confidence with 2 digit numbers in comparing, adding and subtracting. They will also spend time refining fine motor skills, through art projects, practical life skills such as dressing themselves, and practicing their writing scheme (left to right, top to bottom).

  • Elementary Program

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​For the 6 year old child, entering into Elementary school poses new challenges and developments. Jayakarta Montessori strives to make this leap a smooth and exciting one which creates a special kind of child – one who loves to learn, who tackles new subjects with enthusiasm, and above all, who is flexible and adaptable. The curriculum itself is a hybrid of some of the highest standards available in Indonesian and International academia, including a Singapore math system, Language, Reading and Writing from the American system, and a world-wide based Social Studies system.



School Facilities

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Green Area

After School Programs

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