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National High Jakarta School

Jl. Pos Pengumben No. 41, Jakarta Barat 11630

  • +62-21 58902962 (Hunting)
  • marketing@nh.piagetacademy.org
  • Principal : Ang Hwee Khoon


NationalHigh Jakarta School (NHJS), began receiving students in 2002, offers 12 years of seamless Primary, Secondary and Junior College education. Our students are trilingual – English is the main medium of instruction while Mandarin and Indonesian are the mother tongue languages. NHJS is the pioneer of the group of ‘P.I.A.G.E.T’ schools in Indonesia. The P.I.A.G.E.T Schools come under the direction and supervision of P.I.A.G.E.T Academy. P.I.A.G.E.T Academy started in 2001 as an international school in Singapore adopting the Singapore education system and its examinations. Today P.I.A.G.E.T Academy has transformed into an organisation that has developed its own unique brand of education – P.I.A.G.E.T Education – blending the best of both the east and the west.

The P.I.A.G.E.T Schools are the only schools in Indonesia conferred as the Partner School of the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB), a Statutory Board within the Ministry of Education and are the only official Examinations Centers for iPSLE (Singapore Primary School Leaving Examination) in Indonesia. The 12-year PIAGET Education Journey scaffolds the development of the child in three areas – Education of the heart, Education of the mind and Education for life skills (as the three pillars of P.I.A.G.E.T EDUCATION). The variety of exciting academic and character building programmes support the realization of every child’s potential to excel and attain good results and sound character.


Core Values

Passion, Integrity, Adaptability, Grace, Excellence, Teamwork (P.I.A.G.E.T)



Creating a better world through education



Nurturing our young into good sons and daughters, lifelong learners and active citizens, grounded in values


Primary :  Singaporean Curriculum
Secondary :

 Singaporean Curriculum & IGCSE

Junior College :  Cambridge A-Level


Age Group

  • Primary (6 - 11 years)
  • Secondary (12 - 15 years)
  • Junior College (16 - 17 years)

School Terms

  • First Term (July - September)
  • Second Term (October - December)
  • Third (January - March)
  • Fourth (April - June)

School Fees

  • Please contact admissions for further details

Level of Education

  • Primary

​​​​​​​The Primary Curriculum at National High Jakarta School spans 6 years. The first 2 years of this path are commonly described as the fundamental stage and the focus of instruction is on Languages and Computation. Throughout the foundation years values education is incorporated in subject such as Physical Education, Music, ICT, Arts and Crafts and Affective Program when the opportunity arises.

At Primary 3, the formal science program is introduced. Yearly examination are designed to prepare student for iPSLE (International Primary Six Leaving Examination) at Primary 6. NJHS is licensed by the Singapore Exams and Assessment Board as an official examination center.

  • Secondary

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Secondary Curriculum consists of a four year program and as in the Primary curriculum we adopt the Singapore curriculum which is rigorous and has depth in content. At the end of the fourth year, students sit for the Cambridge International Examination. NJHS is licensed by the Cambridge Board as an official examination center.

Students in the secondary school experience core subjects such as English, Mathematics, and Physics and they are expected to choose another five electives from a very wide range of other subjects such as Chemistry, Biology, Arts and Crafts, History, and Geography.
Over and above, all secondary students will be immersed in an environment of self discovery, driven by extensive extracurricular opportunities, opening the door for them to gain vast amounts of self awareness, confidence, leadership skills and life skills.​​​​​​​

  • Junior College

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​NJHS offers he CIE ‘A’ level examination at the end of a 2-year course. Successful candidates will be able to gain admission in most universities. The course is designed to support high-quality educational performance while developing successful students.

The “A” level subjects NJHS has to offer includes General Paper, Mathematics Syllabus C, Business Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography and Economics. Alongside the subjects offered is NJHS's nationally recognised mentoring and leadership programmes, inside the school's world class facilities.




IPSLE 9 November 2016

ISMC - Banner Design

ANCQ 100 x 200


International Biomedical Quiz


School Facilities

Basket Ball Court
Soccer Field
Swimming Pool
Science Laboratory
Function Hall

After School Programs

Martial Art
Science club