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Bina Bangsa School

Jl. Arjuna Selatan Kav. 87, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Barat 11530

  • +62-21 5880045
  • Principal :


In 2001 the Bina Bangsa School (BBS) Foundation had a vision for a school that could meet the aspiration of Indonesians for world-class education not only to prepare students academically but also to produce outstanding citizens imbued with Christian values, equipped with 21st Century skills and effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin.



BBS, serves as International School in Jakarta, thus pioneered a school embedded in an international curriculum based on the rigorous standards of the Singapore education system to prepare students for the University of Cambridge IGCSE and "A" levels examinations. Students were prepared from K to 12 predominantly in English but with a strong emphasis on the teaching of the Chinese language and culture.

In 2016, BBS proudly celebrated its 15th Anniversary with much to boast about. It had flourished from just one campus with about 50 students to six campuses located in several cities in Indonesia with a total enrolment of approximately 4000 students from Pre-nursery to Junior college. Its multinational teaching faculty are recruited from more than ten countries.

Most importantly, BBS had succeeded in its over-riding objective to produce effectively-bilingual students whose academic achievements feature prominently every year in top academic excellence awards including "Best in the World" and "Best in the Country" awards for IGCSE and A-Levels achievements.

The ever-expanding BBS alumni continue to make their alma mater and their country proud as they join the ranks of graduates from top universities in the world and in Indonesia, ready to lead the nation into the 21st century.




Preschool :  Singapore Curriculum
Primary :  Singapore Curriculum
Secondary :  IGCSE
Junior College :  A-Level


Age Group

  • Preschool (2 - 5 years)
  • Primary (6 - 11 years)
  • Secondary (12 - 15 years)
  • Junior College (15 - 17 years)

School Terms

  • First Term (July - September)
  • Second Term (October - December)
  • Third Term (January - March)
  • Fourth Term (April - June)

School Fees

  • Please contact admissions for further details

Level of Education

  • Preschool

Bina Bangsa Preschool offers an integrated four-year program for children from the ages of 2 to 6 years. The program provides an engaging and fun learning environment focused on nurturing the physical, social-emotional and intellectual capacity of the child through activities to promote positive self-esteem, interactive learning, curiosity and creativity.

BBS Preschool philosophy is based on the belief that young children learn best through interactive play activities. Therefore, learning is made as fun as possible while retaining the rigorous cross-disciplinary academic framework provided by the Singapore curriculum. BBS Pre-school combines the best of both worlds to make sure that preschoolers attain all the vital competencies vital to their social, emotional and intellectual development, and at the same time have lots of fun in their learning journey with BBS.

  • Primary

The Primary school is made up of a four-year foundation stage from Primary 1 to 4 and a two-year orientation stage from Primary 5 to 6. The general objective of Primary School Education is to give students a good understanding of English Language, Chinese Language and Mathematics. The main focus of the Primary School education is to develop language ability, reasoning skills and independence in performing daily tasks.

At the end of primary school education, students sit for the BBS-PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) to gain entry into Secondary school.

  • Secondary

With proven track records and a holistic approach towards education, Bina Bangsa Secondary School prepares your child to excel in the IGCSE program.

Programmes offered:

  1. Accelerated Science (3 years), students in this programme will bypass the IGCSE and move on directly to Junior College
  2. Express Science ( 4 years)
  3. Express Business ( 4 years)
  • Junior College

Programmes offered:

  1. 1-year Junior College Bridging Program
  2. Students in this programme will bypass the IGCSE and move on directly to Junior College
    - For those students who have graduate from local SMP 3 and wishing to join the BBS Junior College Programme, 
    - Upon Successful completion of the bridging programe, students are automatically admitted into the 2-year Junior College Programme.
  3. 2-year Junior College Program


School Facilities

Fitness Center
Swimming Pool
Table Tennis
Computer Laboratory
Language Laboratory
Science Laboratory
Function Hall
Green Area

After School Programs

Martial Art
Science club
Chess club